About Us

What are the ECCPTA and Florida PTA?

Founded in 1921, Florida PTA is the largest statewide volunteer organization working exclusively on behalf of children and youth. The ECCPTA is this areas local chapter.

The Florida PTA is:

a branch of over 5 million members made up of over 1350 local units with more than 364,000 Florida members seeking to unite home, school and community for all children

noncommercial, nonsectarian and nonpartisan; it does not endorse commercial enterprises or political candidates

a network of volunteers serving on important statewide committees and task forces

any mom, dad, teacher, principal, cafeteria worker, coach, counselor, grandparent, student, business person, or citizen who believes that children should be a priority for our future

ECCPTA Supports Local PTA Unit

Informs local units about events and child related issues through the ECCPTA newsletter

Provides updates on legislative activities affecting children during legislative sessions through the Florida PTA Network

Encourages home-to-school and parent-to-parent communication through planned and tested program outlines

Provides current information on all aspects of the ECCPTA through the web site, www.EscambiaPTA.org

Leadership Training

Provides access to state sponsored summertime Leadership Conference for unit presidents, officers, chairs and members

Provides experienced trainers at a local level for local unit assistance

Encourages self-help through a variety of state provided print and video resources

Provides an annual area leadership workshop for all local PTA officer

Florida PTA at Work
Democracy in Action

The governing body of the Florida PTA is an Annual Convention, held in November. Delegates representing local associations, county councils, and members of the state board of directors:

Transact business

Consider, debate, amend and approve a legislative Action Platform

Elect officers

Interact and share with local PTA units

Legislative Involvement

Florida PTA monitors every session of the Florida Legislature, gavel-to-gavel, and holds an annual Legislative Region Weeks providing members an opportunity to learn how the legislative process works and interact with their hometown legislators. Florida PTA is a PRO-ACTIVE advocate for children’s issues and has had significant influence on major legislation.


Many awards are presented to local PTAs and county councils in recognition of their accomplishments.


Florida PTA provides numerous scholarships for qualified students who wish to continue their education beyond high school.